Nate Ruegger on set directing horror film Trust Me

Filmmaking Runs in His Blood

Nate Ruegger is a writer & director of genre thrillers.

Nate was born and raised in L.A. by an actress and a producer who made him the genre fan he is today. His first memory was seeing Return of the Jedi. His bedtime stories were Batman comics. His family movie nights were Hitchcock double features. At the age of 7, he had the good fortune to voice act on the Emmy-winning series Tiny Toon Adventures – and after working for Steven Spielberg – there was no turning back. 

Nate's passion for writing & directing genre thrillers took him to Dartmouth College, USC's School of Cinematic Arts, and a film festival circuit with his short thriller "Another Life" - while garnering some notable recognition along the way:

Currently, Nate is writing a number of genre thriller features and TV pilots, taking a horror short Trust Me on the festival circuit, and gearing up to write & direct his first feature.